Checklist of UCAS-SDC Education requirements

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Checklist of UCAS-SDC Education requirements

For PhD students

Before starting UCAS study and applying for UCAS degree, please read through UCAS-SDC Education Plan

  1. Necessary procedure during UCAS study

Opening speech. It should be completed within the second semester after UCAS enrollment. A guideline:

Academic reports and social practice. The form shall be submitted before thesis submission.

Mid-term Assessment. It shall be completed before the end of the fifth semester after UCAS enrollment and at least a half year before the defense. A guideline

Publication. Research requirements vary from disciplines. In general, two papers published or with acceptance letter are required before thesis defense. It varies due to majors. Please check with Chinese supervisor of research requirements in your major. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences should be included as an affiliation. Student shall be the first author besides the supervisor.

Chinese language and culture courses and credit transfer. 30 ECTS should be completed and transferred to UCAS credits before thesis submission. Contact:

After each session, please inform SDC Chinese office and submit documents and fill out UCAS online system (SEP 教育业务接入平台 (

  1. Degree application

1) Thesis submission

Inform SDC Chinese office THREE MONTHS in advance of thesis submission to ensure there is enough time to check if you meet UCAS requirement and plan the defense.

Please contact your Chinese supervisor making sure you meet requirements in the education plan before thesis submission. Thesis submitted to UCAS should in correspondence with UCAS thesis format. A UCAS Degree Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines in English:

Different disciplinary committee may vary. Only Chinese version is available yet.

2) Thesis review

A review panel shall be invited by the supervisors. The experts shall be qualified accordingly to UCAS-SDC Education Plan. All experts shall give independent individual evaluation to the thesis.

3) Thesis defense

After thesis review, a defense panel shall be invited by the supervisors. It is suggested that the defense panel can be the same as the review panel. The experts shall be qualified accordingly to UCAS-SDC Education Plan.

The defense date shall be not late than the degree application deadline (see below).

4) Degree application

UCAS degree application holds twice a year. The summer patch is in June and the winter patch is in January. After completing all necessary procedures and the defense, degree application should be complete and documents should be submitted to the office before May 15th for summer and November 15th for winter every year.

UCAS Degree Awarding Committee assesses the thesis and degree application documents for THREE arounds. After passing the assessments, the diploma will be issued.

  1. To download UCAS forms

  1. Contact person

WANG Yiwei