Guidelines of UCAS Mid-term Assessment

  • 王艺唯
  • 2022-03-01
  • 5516

* This page is for PhD students enrolled in 2022 and after.

Requirements: PhD students shall complete all course and credit-transfer, pass Opening Speech assessment and gain preliminary results in research before planning Mid-term Assessment.

Time: For PhD students, Mid-term Assessment shall be completed before the end of the fifth semester after UCAS enrollment and at least a half year before the defense.

Procedure: Mid-term Assessment assesses the progress of dissertation research. It includes Presentation, Q&A and Grading sessions. The student should send presentation slides to all panel members in advance.

  • It takes at least 30 minutes in total. The presentation shall be within 20 minutes.
  • Presentation shall contain research significance, major research progress, existing problem, research plan in next step and reference.

Documents: Mid-term Assessment Report and Registration Form for Mid-term Assessment shall be filled out and signed accordingly within a week after the assessment and be sent to At the same time, the student needs to fill out the UCAS online system (SEP 教育业务接入平台 ( and contact the Chinese supervisor to assess in the system.

Panel member: The assessment panel consists of Chinese and Danish supervisors. The chair of assessment panel is Chinese supervisor who hosts the assessment.