Method for Selecting Excellent Students Sino-Danish College of Chinese Academy of Sciences  (SDC, UCAS) 2023-2024

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According to the notice of UCAS on the selection of excellent students for the 2023-2024 academic year, and in combination with the actual situation of SDC, the selectionmethods for "Excellent Student Model (“Three Merits Student Model”), “Excellent Student ("Three Merits Student"), "Excellent Student Representative" and "Excellent Graduate" of SDC for the 2023-2024 academic year are hereby formulated:

I. Selection principles

The selection work will adhere to the principles of "fairness, impartiality, and democratic evaluation", and the selection process will be rigorous, orderly, complete, standardized, open and transparent, to prevent fraud and cheating.

II. Selection scope

All students enrolled in SDC include doctoral and master's students of all grades in both Chinese and Danish universities. According to the notice of UCAS, the evaluation of senior students and the evaluation of centralized teaching will be carried out separately.Senior Chinese students can apply for “Excellent Student and Excellent Student Representative, "Excellent Student Model and “Excellent Graduate;Senior international students can apply for "Excellent Student" and "Excellent Graduate". All students in centralized teaching can apply for “Excellent Student and Excellent Student Representative”.

III. Selection criteria

1. The selection criteria for "Excellent Student" are:

(1) Loving ones country, advocating science, abiding by laws and regulations, and having a good character;

(2) Diligent in learning, courageous in innovation, with a positive academic style and excellent grades;

(3) Caring for the collective, friendly and mutual aid, willing to contribute, and respecting teachers;

(4)Be positive and proactive, actively participate in collective activities, and have good study and living habits.

2. "Excellent Student Representative" is also awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Student", and the selection criteria are:

(1) Serve as a student leader in student organizations at all levels (Chinese Student Union, Party and Youth League leaders of SDC, Zhongdan Team, Student Forum), and must meet the basic requirements of "Excellent Student";

(2) Actively serve students and organize beneficial student activities;

(3) Strong work ability, excellent performance, and supported by students.

3. The selection criteria for the "Excellent Student Representative Model" are:

  1. Selected from students who have received the honorary titles of "Excellent Student" and "Excellent Student Representative";
  2. Excellent academic performance or excellent performance in science and technological innovation;
  3. Recognized and praised in terms of ideological and moral character, personal cultivation, and other aspects.

4. The selection criteria for "Excellent Graduate" are:

  1. Obtain the honorary title of "Excellent Student" or "Excellent Student Representative" at least once during the semester;
  2. Each training stage is assessed as "excellent";
  3. Passing the thesis defense;

4.Priority will be given to those who work in industries or regions in urgent need.

  1. Recommended by supervisor.

IV、 Selection organization

1.  Selection team and its responsibilities

(1) SDC shall establish an evaluation working group, which is fully responsible for the evaluation work. The members include the party and administrative leaders of SDC, the head of SDC, and representatives of Danish staff.

(2) SDC shall establish a qualification review team, aselection recommendation team, and an evaluation team for excellent student applicants.

The qualification review team is led by the homeroom teacher, and the members should generally include 3 student carders/club organizers and 1-2 student representatives. After its establishment, it shall be registered with SDC and responsible for reviewing the applicant's qualifications and the authenticity of the materials. If any problems are found, please contact the applicant for verification in a timely manner. If it is confirmed that the applicant has been in fraud, their application qualification will be cancelled; If there are objections from the parties involved, they shall be submitted to the evaluation team of SDC for final approval.

The evaluation team is led by program leaders PC/HEP or commissioned teachers, and the members should generally include a homeroom teacher and two teacher representatives. After its establishment, it shall be filed with SDC and responsible for evaluating various excellent students from valid applicants, timely coordinating and handling various possible problems. Any problems that cannot be solved by the evaluation team can be submitted to SDC's evaluation team for final judgment.

The leader of the evaluation team is the person in charge of SDC. The members include the person in charge of student affairs at SDC, Danish staff and the office director. They are responsible for reviewing the list of excellent students recommended for each program and making the final decision on excellent students.

(3) According to the total number of indicators issued by the University Training Office of UCAS, SDC determines the quota allocation of excellent students in each program in proportion (see Attachment 1 for details).

  1. Selection of Excellent Graduate

(1) Spring graduates who have graduated in 2024 are still eligible to participate in the selection of "Excellent Graduate" for this academic year. Chinese students who have been awarded the "Excellent Graduate" of UCAS will automatically be awarded the title of "Beijing Excellent Graduate".

(2) "Excellent Graduate" should be students who have been awarded the honorary titles of "Excellent Student Model", "Excellent Student" or "Excellent Student Representative" before the 2023-2024 academic year.

(3) Excellent Graduate should graduate on time and obtain a degree at the same time within the current academic year, with no records of unqualified courses.

(4) During the period of study, those who have achieved excellent results in academic, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, skills competitionsetc. (at or above the school level), have made important inventions and creations, or have made excellent contributions to society, will be given priority recommendation and selection under equal conditions; Chinese students who actively respond to the national call to enlist, dedicate themselves to national defense, engage in positions such as technological self-reliance and self-improvement, and voluntarily work and start businesses in remote areas, difficult industries, and grassroots areas will be given priority recommendation and selection under equal conditions.

V. Selection requirements

  1. In the selection of excellent students for each program, attention should be paid to putting morality first, ability first, and comprehensive development. Simple evaluation criteria such as papers and scores should be avoided, and students should be effectively guided to strengthen their moral cultivation, increase their knowledge and insight, cultivate a spirit of struggle, and enhance their comprehensive quality.
  2. All types of excellent student candidates should voluntarily apply and be recommended by their supervisors before they can participate in the selection and recommendation as formal applicants.
  3. During the evaluation period, students who are not at the school or training unit due to going abroad, business trips, etc., should be able to participate in the selection of various programs in an appropriate way.
  4. Students whose enrollment status is suspended or retained for half or more of the participating academic year are generally not allowed to participate in the selection process.

VI. Selection process

1. Application method

Qualified students should applyvoluntarily. For Chinese senior students who will apply for "Excellent Student", "Excellent Student Representative", and "Excellent Graduate" should fill out the Excellent Student Application Form (Attachment 2), and "Excellent Student Model" should fill out the Approval Form (Attachment 3) and submit the electronic version of the materials to the homeroom teacher before April 23rd, 2024.

2. Qualification review

Each program qualification review team should complete the review before April 25th. All qualification review personnel should electronically sign the materials and submit them to the student counselor.

3. Evaluation

The counselor should submit application materials to the leader of the excellent student evaluation team for each program before April 26th, and the evaluation team should complete the evaluation before May 7th.

After carefully reading the valid applicant materials, the evaluation team will use anonymous voting to evaluate various excellent students. The 2023-2024 Excellent Student Preliminary Selection List Summary Table (Attachment 4) will be signed by all personnel and submitted to the student manager.

4. Review

The student manager shall submit a summary table of the preliminary selection list of outstanding students for each program from 2023 to 2024 (Attachment 4) to the review team for review. If necessary, the review team may refer to the applicant's application materials and provide a final review opinion to determine the list of excellent students. After all members of the review team sign electronically, the list shall be submitted to SDC.

5. Publicity

The student manager will organize a 5-day public announcement on SDC official website. Before the end of the public notice period, feedback should be promptly provided to SDC. SDC will organize representatives of teachers and students to verify the feedback and publicize the verification results.

6. Reporting

The student manager is responsible for completing the online evaluation results of the college, getting signed and sealed by the college director, and then reporting to the Graduate Management Office of the University Department of UCAS.

Evaluation process:

Submission of materials (students) - review materials (qualification review team) - review materials (counselors) - organization review (selection recommendation team of each program) - review of the recommendation list (evaluation team) - publicity - report to the Graduate Office of UCAS.

VII. Key deadlines for application and selection

  1. From April 19th to April 23rd, 2024, the application stage for excellent
  2. From April 24th to April 25th, 2024, each programqualification review team will review the applicant's materials.
  3. From April 26th to 6th May 2024, the evaluation team completed the selection and recommendation of excellent
  4. From May 6th to May 7th, 2024, the review team completed the review of excellent
  5. From May 7th to May 11th, 2024, SDCwill publicly announce the list of candidates.
  6. On May 12th, 2024, SDCwill fill in the evaluation results online and submit them to the Graduate Management Office of the University Department of UCAS.

VIII. Related materials

The applicant only needs to submit electronic materials, including the declaration form (Attachment 1), summary form (Attachment 3), and supporting materials. Students who apply for the title of "Excellent Student Model" must also submit the "Excellent Student Model" approval form (Attachment 2). Please create a folder with the following name for electronic materials:"2024Excellence Evaluation+ProgramName+Name+Grade PhD/Master's+Application Category".

All application materials must be arranged in the following order:

  1. Application Form for Excellent Student of SDC, UCAS(Attachment 2 );
  2. Approval Form for Excellent Student Modelof UCAS(Attachment 3)
  3. Summary Table of the Preliminary Selection List of Excellent Students for the 2023-2024 Academic Year (Attachment 4);
  4. Please submit the following materials and name them "supporting materials":

(1) Transcripts during the semester;

(2) Scanned copies of award certificates;

(3) The publishedarticles homepage (including abstract) and patent certificate copies during the semester, and indicate the part completed by student self.

(4) Supporting materials on science and technology, cultural and sports, students union/organization work, and social activities.

IX. Precautions

  1. Students are required to participate in the evaluation based on their current program. Students who have engaged in misconduct, academic plagiarism, inappropriate publication, malicious remarks, or other behaviors that have had a negative impact on SDCduring the evaluation year are not allowed to participate.
  2. The list of "Excellent Student Representative Model" and "Excellent Student Representative" should not be repeated in the list of "Excellent Student".
  3. Students who have previously been awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Graduate" but have been postponed to graduate this year due to various reasons will no longer participate in the evaluation of this year's "Excellent Graduate".

X. SDC Evaluation Group

  1. The SDCEvaluation Group guides the student evaluation work of SDC.
  2. The SDCEvaluation Group accepts inquiries, complaints, and suggestions from students, which must beprovided truthfully in real name in order for a timely feedback from SDC.


  1. Quota distribution table for excellentstudents of SDC
  2. Application Form for Excellent Student of SDC, UCAS
  3. Approval Form for Excellent Student Modelof UCAS
  4. Summary Table of the Preliminary Selection List of Excellent Students for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

                                                                           Excellent Student Evaluation Work Group

Sino-Danish College

                                                                                                April 19, 2024