SDC Chinese Traditional Food Festival Was Held Successfully

  • 2016-05-11
  • 1069

As the Chinese old saying goes, the desire for food is the human nature, People regard food as their prime want. The appreciation and love for delicious food is the common of humankind. There are also some poets say that the delicious food is a kind of art when different colors displaying the plates. As an ancient civilization, china has a long history about food culture.

The Sino-Danish Center (SDC) is collaboration between Denmark and China. The eight Danish universities have formed a consortium and established a formal collaboration with the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). Since it is established, SDC draws domestic and foreign advanced educational resources and the frontier knowledge, adopts English teaching in small classes for both Danish and Chinese students, and also plays a role of cultivating international vision and competitive high-level talents. To enrich the extracurricular activities and also to succeed and develop Chinese traditional food culture, making the Danish students know more about the Chinese culture, a Chinese traditional food festival, which aimed at cultural exchange, was held in the canteen of Zhongguancun campus on 11th, May.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, the preparation work has been started. The canteen was decorated with colors, and full of pleasure atmosphere. All of the students at the present were taking an active part in arranging the food ingredients, kitchenware, banners and so on. To make the Danish friends know more about the Chinese food, Organizers prepared beautiful pamphlets. Then, the party was going on.

The strange exotic ingredients sparked the curiosity of Danish students deeply. After native Chinese friends teaching, they gradually mastered the process of making dumplings and Chinese Zongzi, which would be individually eaten in the Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival as the Chinese traditional food. Ha ha, here you may not believe that the present varies of bizarre dumplings were created by our smart Danish friends, yes, nice but …, who can guessed the results, the dumplings made by us boiled gruel.

After enjoying the glue puddings, dumplings and Zongzi, our Danish friends seemed to generate extra interest in the “rolling pin” and using the remaining flour, with the help of Chinese students, they learned another Chinese traditional cuisine "hand roll" making. After rinsing with cold water, mixing with mushroom sauce, the noodles was so delicious, even the " Mother Xu ", who is in charge of student work, was full of praise!

Everyone had a good time in this event.

This Food Festival is designed to treat the traditional Chinese food as a carrier, through this event not only making the students enjoy and relax themselves, but also providing the learning and communication opportunities among all of students, strengthen students’ team collaboration and competition consciousness, as well as let Danish students feeling the charm of Chinese traditional food culture. Yes, we are a family, So cherish the friendship, wish a deeper cultural and emotional exchange between all of us for the next year. Finally, thanks a lot to the staff of Zhongguancun canteen.

( Wang Xiaodan, Zhang Hao)